In 2015 AIPP is honouring the ANZAC spirit by creating a professional portrait of every WWII veteran in Australia. Veterans receive a printed photograph, free of charge, for their participation.

This year the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) wants to photograph every veteran of the Second World War. We're creating a compelling pictorial record of returned servicemen and women for the national archives. This is one of the most ambitious photographic projects ever undertaken in Australia. Professional photographers across the country, accredited by the AIPP, are donating their time and talent to create this visual legacy. We understand the importance and power of photographic images to capture a person, a moment in time, and preserve that forever. With this project AIPP wants to honour our veterans and commemorate 100 years of the ANZAC tradition. Veterans will receive a printed portrait photograph, free of charge, for their participation. Registration closes on Remembrance Day 2015. (Wednesday the 11th of November)